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Indexedjournal.com is a part of the iLovePhD community. iLovePhD is a research education website for updated research-related information. It helps researchers find top journals for publishing research articles and get an easy manual for research tools. The main aim of this website is to help Ph.D. scholars who are working in various domains to get more valuable ideas to carry out their research. Learn the current groundbreaking research activities around the world, and love the process of getting a Ph.D.

Indexed Journal is a website that lists journals that are indexed in databases like Scopus, Google Scholar, and PubMed. Indexed journals are scholarly journals that have been evaluated and accepted by a database. The journals are assessed based on criteria such as the quality of their content, editorial processes, and reputation within the academic community. 

Indexed journals are organized by discipline, subject, region, and other factors. Researchers can use journal indexes to search for studies and data on certain topics. Publishing research in an indexed journal can increase the credibility and visibility of the work.

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